Audio visual control

Imagine being in control of all your Audio and Video sources from any room in your home. Either by an in-wall touch screen or ipad/iphone, android and easy access to all the media on your computer, media servers, DVD player, satellite TV and internet streaming such as Beats, Rdio or Spotify. You will be able to find music or films with ease in your media library complete with album art whether you are in the living room or back garden. Easy access to your media has never been easier.

With the latest distribution AV systems its never been easier to send signals throughout your home, the possibilities are endless. Start a movie in sitting room, pause it and finish it in the bedroom. Watch your favourite program on the kitchen TV or set the mood with your favourite music outdoors by the pool. At Smarthome HD we will work closely with Designers, Developers and of course our Customers every step of the way to achieve the best overall end product, for an easy and enjoyable experience.