About us

Smarthome HD is a custom audio visual and home automation company here to make your life easy. Today’s rapidly advancing technology makes it possible to have incredible control over your home comfort while also monitoring and controlling energy costs. Based in the South East Smarthome HD provides smart home solutions for your home and office to bring your life more comfort and convenience .

Principally Home automation was for the very wealthy, but with the latest technologies and expanding Audio visual markets this is becoming ever more affordable for all to enjoy and at Smarthome HD we can tailor a reliable system to suit any budget without breaking the bank, or as extravagantly high end as you wish.

We can also offer modest systems  such as Sky multiroom systems  and one room audio and video solutions, to running your whole house from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.

Our home automation specialists can bring your home to life with one solution for control, access, automation and security. Control your alarm system, multiroom audio and video solutions, HVAC, smart lighting and more, all from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or android anywhere in your home. Your imagination becomes our blueprint in creating the smart home you desire.